Daily conversation #1

You’re in charge of getting bread for dinner. You stop in the bakery and ask for a baguette. Be sure to say if you like your baguette very cooked or not. When it is time to pay, explain that you only have a €50 bill. They don’t have enough change. What happens next? Will you decide to buy something else or will you leave?

Step 1: Watch the video and read along as you listen to the conversation. When you don't understand a word, just look down at the English translation. Be sure to take notes! It's ok if you don't understand all of the grammar. Just try to pay close attention to how the sentences are put together and how we do it differently in English.

Step 2: Listen to the audio recording without looking at the words and translations. Do you remember what the words mean? You can use this recording to practice your listening skills no matter where you are!

Step 3: Print out the fill in the blank exercise, and write in the missing words as you listen to the recording. An answer key is provided. Once you have done this a few times, I challenge you to get out a blank sheet of paper and try writing it all! Just have that pause button ready!

Exercice - La Boulangerie - Fill in the blanks.pdf
Answer key - La Boulangerie.pdf
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