"This is perfect! FINALLY I'm able to wrap my English brain around the strange new sentence construction. The review of indirect object pronouns and the 'Mental Workouts' at the end were particularly helpful."


French lesson on the verb MANQUER

STEP 1: Download and print the 7 page lesson guide with plenty of space for taking notes.

STEP 2: Watch my 15 minute video lesson.

STEP 3: Complete a challenging crossword puzzle using manquer à.

STEP 4: Unscramble the French words to form sentences that translate to the English equivalents.

STEP 5: Complete your foldable chart that you can use to help you in the next step. Fold the paper down the center on the dotted line and use it to practice until this new skill sticks in your brain.

STEP 6: Now that you've watched the lesson, taken notes on you study guide, and completed a challenging crossword puzzle, you still need more practice! Use your set of 65 cards in 3 tenses that will remind you to turn off your English brain, and put on your French one!

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