Level A1 - French Disjunctive Pronouns Lesson

Learn what disjunctive pronouns are in French and the many different ways to use them

French Stress Pronouns - Disjunctive Pronouns Comprehensive Lesson

This is a complete lesson on how to use French disjunctive pronouns: MOI - TOI - LUI - ELLE - NOUS - VOUS - EUX - ELLES. In English these are: ME - YOU - HIM - HER - US - PLURAL YOU - THEM.

The first step is to watch my 13 minute video tutorial carefully and take notes. I've included a 7 page support guide so that you will have all of the examples used in the video written down for you. In the support guide document you will also find a link to a quizlet study set on French prepositions of location. These are often used with disjunctive pronouns.

You'll then take an online quiz to practice what you've learned in the video tutorial. There are 50 questions with multiple choice answers.

Next, you'll be able to download 50 cards to practice using French stress pronouns in three different ways. These cards closely resemble the online quiz, but they're much more of a challenge since there are no multiple choice answers available. Also, the answer prompts aren't always exactly they way you will have seen them in the multiple choice quiz. You can either practice with these cards online or print out a deck for those times when you don't want to be stuck in front of your computer.

All of the cards have a question written on them. There are two blanks to fill in with your answers. One of the blanks requires a disjunctive pronoun, and the other requires you to change the verb conjugation to agree with the subject of the answer sentence. All of the cards are written in the present tense.

At last comes the real challenge and the true test to know when you've finally mastered French disjunctive pronouns. You'll listen to an audio recording of me asking you the same 50 questions that you will have first seen in the multiple choice quiz, then you will have practiced using the challenge cards with answer prompts. This time you'll write out your answers with no prompts at all on the student response sheet provided. Answer key is provided.

Verbs to be conjugated in present tense: être (10 cards), aller (14 cards), avoir (5 cards), faire (5 cards), regular -er verbs (12 cards), vouloir (1 card), partir (2 cards), prendre (1 card).


Vous allez dîner chez nous demain?


Oui, nous ___ dîner chez ___ demain.

Oui, nous allons dîner chez vous demain.


C’est toi qui vas apporter le gâteau?


Oui, c’est ___ qui ___ apporter le gâteau.

Oui, c'est moi qui vais apporter le gâteau.


Tu ne vas pas à la piscine? Et Marc et Jules?


___ non plus. Ils ne ___ pas à la piscine.

Eux non plus. Ils ne vont pas à la piscine.

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Jennifer Crespin
Jennifer Crespin

I'm Jennifer, and I'm a French teacher. I didn't grow up speaking French. I started learning French as an adult, so I know exactly how frustrating it can be when just trying to listen and respond seems impossible. I was fortunate enough to have CARING teachers who helped me and never seemed to be frustrated with me. When I started teaching French 20+ years ago, I was again fortunate to have mentors who showed me that CARING about my students and understanding their difficulties is the only way to help. I've been exactly where you are, and I know how to help you.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French, then taught French for a year and moved to France for a year before pursuing and earning a Master of Arts degree in French. I taught French at Saint Louis University High School, a Jesuit college preparatory school for young men, for 14 years. A while before relocating to the South of France, I began teaching French online via Skype. I am now teaching French online full time and I also give immersion classes and guided city visits in both languages in Béziers, France.

It’s my job to guide you and help you along on your journey to learn French. Learning should be fun, and I will make sure that enjoy yourself as you improve your listening, writing, reading, and most importantly your speaking skills. Over the years I have developed many creative strategies to guarantee your progress. All students have different learning styles, different strengths and weaknesses, and different levels. One of my first jobs as your teacher is to provide you with an approach that will suit your learning style so that you will get the most out of your classes as possible.

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